Nov 17, 2021

Stefan Lanka, PhD is a German biologist and former virologist. Since the early 1990s, he has been at the forefront of speaking out about the pseudoscientific methods used to prove the existence of so-called viruses and challenging the medical theory stating that viruses cause infectious diseases.

I have to say science is one of the most remarkable inventions of humankind. It has been a source of inspiration and understanding, lifting the veil of ignorance and superstition; history also shows us that it’s been a mixed blessing. Some discoveries have done far more harm than good.

Before you read this vital and eye-opening document by Dr Stefan Lanka about the alleged SARS-CoV-2 Virus causing the alleged disease COVID-19 that is causing the alleged pandemic, it is essential to realise that scientists who do not execute science correctly can do much harm in the world.

Remember that science said:

  • Smoking was safe

  • Lead in petrol was safe

  • Asbestos was safe

  • Lead in paint was safe

  • Fluoride in water was safe

  • Meat is healthy

  • Dairy is healthy

The list is endless…

Scientists & doctors have not only been wrong in the past but knowingly and willingly let the public believe that what they scientifically published was correct and met ‘scientific criteria’. But what the public does not know is that right now, concerning the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus, the biggest scientific fraud is happening. Virologists & doctors are not telling the truth about their flawed methods of determining the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that allegedly is causing this disease COVID-19 that allegedly is causing this pandemic that never was.

For more than a year, we have been in an extraordinary situation where a relatively small group of people are high jacking through ‘unscientific methods’ & claims’ to the entire world population.

I have put this blog post up for you to inform and educate yourself, and connect the dots about what is happening. In my previous blog post, you can read that we are involved in the biggest, very dangerous staged scam on earth for reasons you can read in my previous blog posts.

Dr Stefan Lanka will give you essential insides that for something to be scientifically proven, specific scientific criteria must be met first!

Note: I have made the following document a bit more concise.


The causes of the corona crisis have been identified

Those who claim disease-causing viruses exist are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted

From Dr Stefan Lanka

Summary Science and scientificness are essential instruments that help to identify and solve challenges. Science has clear rules: Whoever makes claims must prove them clearly, comprehensibly and verifiably. Only verifiable statements may be called scientific; everything else falls within the realm of faith. The facts of faith must not be presented as scientifically proven facts to derive or justify governmental measures. Scientific statements must be refutable and falsifiable to claim them as scientific facts. Every scientist’s first and written duty is to check their statements strictly and try to refute them. If this refutation is not successful and control experiments document this failure, a statement may be called scientific.

All corona measures issued by governments and subordinate authorities are ultimately regulated by law, in Germany, the Infection Protection Act (IfSG), but are only seemingly legitimized by it and not justified. With § 1 ifSG, for example, the target provision “scientifically” subjects all participants in Germany to the rules of science.

The most important rule of science is the documented and unsuccessful attempt to prove the statement that is presented as true and scientific. All scientific rules are preceded by adherence to the laws of thought and logic. If these are disregarded or violated, the scientific statement is disproved as well as by a successful control experiment.

The meaning and choice of words in all publications on all pathogenic viruses prove that the virologists violated the laws of thought, logic and binding rules of science and refuted the existence claims about pathogenic viruses themselves. If one has taken off the hypnotic anxiety glasses and reads objectively with reason what the authors do and write, every interested person who can read English and has acquired knowledge of the methods used will find out that these virologists (except those who work with phages and the phage-like viruses) misinterpret standard gene sequences as vital components and thus have disproved their whole field of expertise. This is particularly easy to see in the case of the assertions of the existence of the alleged SArSCoV-2 virus.

Since these virologists have clearly violated the laws of thought, logic and the rules of scientific work with their statements and by their actions, they can be colloquially described as science cheats.

But since science fraud does not occur in criminal law and there are no precedents for it, I suggest and will do this myself to have the employment fraud of virologists – pretending to be scientific but acting and arguing antiscientifically – established in court and criminal law. The responsible governmental authorities are called upon to prosecute these anti-scientific employment fraudsters to prevent them from doing anti-scientific and, consequently, anti-social and dangerous things. From the moment the first court of law establishes the facts outlined below. It convicts the first virologist of employment fraud, the end of the corona crisis will be heralded and sealed by the court, and the global corona crisis will be an opportunity for all.


Humanity is facing a great challenge: The inherent dynamics and consequences of fear and antibiosis through the discipline of biology and medicine disturb and destroy the environment, plants, animals, people and the economy. The corona crisis is only the tip of an iceberg on a collision course with everyone and everything. One of the reasons for this challenge is materialism, the attempt to explain life by purely material models. Our materialism of today was invented in “post-Socratic” antiquity as an explicit counter-reaction to fear and abuse of power by religions. This is a comprehensible, human and humanitarian-motivated action, but it has dramatic consequences.

This materialism has produced the taught good-evil-biology, the “prevailing opinion” in medicine based on it and the resulting antibiosis (antibiotics, radiation, chemotherapy, disinfection, restriction of fundamental rights, vaccination, lock-down,- retain, social distancing etc.). More and more people, the environment and the economy, are harmed by this ideology. Their materialistic good-evil theory, which has no factual basis but is based on disproved assumptions, developed unrecognized into the most powerful religion.

The materialistic theory of life states that there are only atoms, but no consciousness, no spiritual forces and no animator who could have created them and set them in motion. To be able to explain the cosmos and life in a purely material way, our “science” is forced to assert a colossal bang, in which all atoms were created out of nothing, which flew apart. Some atoms would touch each other by chance and form molecules.

These molecules had formed a primordial cell by accidental coming together, from which all further life had developed by struggle and selection. All this is said to have happened in unimaginable lengths of time in the distant past, and is therefore not subject to scientific examination and must therefore not be called scientific.

For a better, real and experimentally accessible view of life, I refer to the very substance of which life consists. It is the elementary substance of which the membrane consists, the so-called surface tension membrane of water, which water forms wherever it has contact with other substances or with itself in motion and vortexes. Aristotle called this substance ether, and Dr Peter Augustin rediscovered it in the form of the primary substance. Japanese plant physiologists referred to this substance as pi water. This knowledge and point of view resulting from the knowledge of the ether/primordial substance also let the preSocratic principle revive, become conceivable and imaginable: Thinking in the atomic theory makes this kind of imagination and imaginary worlds more difficult or prevents it and, if no other ways of thinking are known or are frowned upon, forces false assumptions. The entire academic world of biology and medicine is based on a false assumption.

In 1848, when constructive effects of the French Revolution had a chance to unfold in Germany, the attempts at change failed and caused a dramatic hardening and deterioration of political and social life. While in 1848, the man responsible for the current development of biology and medicine still advocated humane, logical and correct measures for the “prevention of epidemics”, in the following ten years, he adapted to the hardening and increasingly extreme political conditions.

Rudolf Virchow, in 1858, without any scientific basis but exclusively based on the Atomic Theory of Democritus and Epicurus, postulated the Cellular Theory of life and all diseases: Cellular Pathology. Throughout his life, Rudolf Virchow suppressed “relevant facts” of embryology and tissue science to present and popularize his new cell theory as something natural. However, this knowledge of embryology and tissue theory, the germ theory of life, is an indispensable prerequisite for understanding life, its development and, above all, diseases, cures, healing crises, and obstacles to healing. Rudolf Virchow claimed, analogous to the Atomic Theory that all life originates from a cell. The cell was the smallest, indivisible unit of life, which at the same time, however, would cause all diseases by the formation of alleged disease toxins, Latin virus. This laid the foundation on which the theories of genes, infections, immunity and cancer had to develop to explain the processes of life, illness and healing within this theory.

If it is believed because it is taught that all processes are only caused by material interactions and that all life originates from one cell, the followers of this view are forced to adopt a construction and function plan of life, i.e. a hereditary substance, and to assert that it exists.

The same logic of compulsion results in the claimed poisons of diseases.

If the cell allegedly produces virus=disease toxins as the cause of disease in order to distribute them inside and outside the body, a place in an individual must be claimed where and in which this disease toxin, the virus, was first produced.

If this way of thinking is elevated to a dogma, on the other hand, nothing else may be taught. Suppose its views are defamed as unscientific or as a conspiracy against the state. In that case, it excludes from the outset purely other ways of thinking and imagining the development of diseases within a body or in a group of people. This logic of compulsion always seeks the causes only in the categories of material defects or malice. It is not mentioned that the idea of the virus as a poison was elegantly and scientifically disproved and abandoned in 1951 and that since 1952 another idea had to be invented:

The idea is that viruses are a collection of dangerous genes. Here again, it is concealed that there is still no scientific proof for the assumption of such gene accumulations, which could be called viruses. The good news is that the new genetic virology, which had experienced its upswing from 1954 onwards, has disproved itself by its statements in a truly scientific way, i.e. easily comprehensible and verifiable. This statement is 100% correct and proven, and I stand up for this statement as a virologist, scientist, citizen, and human being.

The transition from toxin virology to today’s genetic virology.

The idea of disease toxins is still quite effective since dangerous bacterial protein toxins are still claimed to be dangerous. Or bacteria, such as the corkscrew bacteria, claimed to be dangerous and would allegedly bore from the suspected point of entry via the nerves into the brain. What virologists, physicians and science journalists are keeping quiet about is the fact that the idea that viruses were defined as protein toxins, which was valid until 1951, had to be abandoned that year. To test the assumption and assertion of toxin viruses and to be allowed to claim them as scientific, two control experiments were conducted:

1. Healthy tissue was exposed to decomposition and not just tissue supposedly damaged by viruses. It was found that the proteins produced by the decomposition of healthy tissue are the same as those produced by the decomposition of “virus-damaged” tissue. This refuted the virus assumption.

2. the protein-toxin-virus assumption was additionally disproved by the fact that in the electron microscope of “virus diseased” humans, animals and their fluids never anything else could be found and photographed than it was the case with healthy humans.

By the way, this has remained so until today. The clinical, i.e. medical virology, disproved itself with these successful control experiments and gave up with words of regret, which attentive readers of professional journals only noticed. The mass media suppressed this fact because the hypnotists of power celebrated the ongoing vaccination campaigns. Although the viruses were lost as a justification for vaccination, the vaccination campaigns were not interrupted – also because of the silence of the health authorities and “science”.

After the abandonment of virology, biology and medicine could not find any other explanation within the purely material cell theory for the diseases and phenomena of a simultaneous or increased occurrence of diseases defined as viral. The participants were thus forced to invent a new theory of what viruses should be in the future. They geared themselves to existing structures, which are called phages and are formed by bacteria when they are removed from their environment. The exchange with other bacteria and microbes is prevented.

As a young student, I was fortunate to isolate such a phage-like structure from the sea to study its structure, composition and interaction with the environment. This led me directly into virology, as I believed unsuspectingly that I had discovered a harmless virus and a stable virus-host relationship to research the origin of viruses. Thirty years later, new structures of what are now called “giant viruses” have been and are being discovered all the time. In the meantime, it has been proven that they are at the beginning of the processes with which biological life begins or becomes visible to us.

French virologists recognize that these structures form the fourth kingdom of life, next to the primordial bacteria, the bacteria and the eukaryotes. The structures erroneously called phages, i.e. bacteria eaters and giant viruses, can also be described as spores that bacteria and organized living beings form when their living conditions change so that they can no longer reproduce or survive ideally. Depending on the species, these helpful structures always consist of a strand of the so-called hereditary substance DNA of the same length and composition. This type of DNA is always surrounded by a shell of the dense substance from which biological life originates.

This is why “phages” and “giant viruses” – let us better call them bionts – are easy to isolate, i.e. to enrich and separate from all other components of life. In this isolated form, they can and are regularly biochemically analyzed. Each biochemical characterization reveals that the nucleic acid of a type of “phage” or “giant virus” always has precisely the same length and always precisely the same composition. In fact, for decades, phages were the only source of pure nucleic acid (DNA) in biochemical studies.

The process of absorption and release of DNA into and out of bacteria, documented under the electron microscope, was interpreted as an infection. It has been claimed without any proof that phages attack bacteria, rape them, force their nucleic acids on them and that the bacteria die because of this. Only bacteria that are extremely inbred, i.e. constantly reproduced without having contact with other bacteria or microbes, are transformed into phages in an act of metamorphosis. This transformation is misinterpreted as the death of the bacteria by phages.

On the other hand, bacteria freshly isolated from their environment never transform into a phage and do not die if phage is applied in whatever amounts. This is also why the often cited phage therapy as a substitute for antibiotics, for example, to suppress pain and other symptoms – as with any other poisoning – can and will never work with “phages” in the desired sensitivity to the desired extent.

Biology of phages and giant viruses and the resulting refutation of the cell theory of life

This is the situation with the algae (Artocarpus siliculosus), from which I isolated their “giant viruses”: The mobile forms of the algae, the gametes and spores, search for the “giant viruses” in their environment with their mobile flagella and absorb these “giant viruses”. Growing algae integrate the nucleic acid of the “giant viruses” into their chromosomes. It was observed that algae with “giant viruses” are better off than those without. It has never been observed that algae with “giant viruses” are worse off than those without. New and more and more impressive “giant viruses” with more and more amazing properties are constantly being found, and more and more evidence is being created that bacteria and micro-organisms, amoebae and unicellular organisms are created from “giant viruses” into which they are transformed as if their living conditions no longer existed.

Giant viruses are created by and around nucleic acids, which develop catalytic activities, i.e. they release energy independently, synthesize other nucleic acids, molecules and substances and thereby constantly generate new properties and abilities. The particularly reactive and diverse nucleic acid forms of RNA, keyword “The RNA world”, which can quickly and constantly transform into DNA and retransform back into RNA, are also created in the process of self-organization of life, without any scientifically ascertainable reason or cause. With the discovery of phage, which is only ever created by the transformation of highly inbred (incest-) bacterial cultures, and giant viruses, which maintain themselves, enlarge and actively metabolise themselves, and the discovery of new organisms consisting of giant viruses, three things have been proven so far:

i. The cell theory that biological life exists only in the form of cells and arises only from cells has been disproved.

ii. The assertion that biological life originated in grey primaeval times has been refuted. Life constantly arises anew and before our eyes, if we only look at life objectively and are restricted by no dogmas and unfounded theories. It is proven that biological life as we know it now can arise wherever there is water and perhaps also conditions that are the same or similar to those on our mother planet, earth.

iii. The negative interpretation that the uptake of nucleic acids from “phages” and “giant viruses” into other organisms has been interpreted as infection and harmful is disproved.

This observation, however, was the reason to believe from 1952 onwards that there were genetic viruses in humans that caused diseases by transmitting their “dangerous” nucleic acids and can be held responsible for death and destruction.

To this day, no virus has been seen in or isolated from humans, animals, nor plants or their fluids. It has not even been possible to isolate a nucleic acid that would correspond to the length and composition of the genetic strands of the claimed disease-causing viruses, although the isolation, presentation and analysis of the composition of nucleic acids of this length have long been possible using the simplest standard techniques.

A Nobel prize and its fatal consequences

In isolated form, “phages” and “giant viruses” (bionts) can be quickly and easily photographed in large numbers in the electron microscope, and their degree of purity is documented. The isolation and photography of isolated and characterized structures have never been successful with any of the alleged pathogenic viruses! Bionts (alias phages and giant viruses) are regularly seen and photographed in large numbers under the electron microscope in the organisms through which they are produced or which produce them (sic!). On the other hand, the photography of structures in the electron microscope, which are claimed to be disease-causing viruses, has not been successfully documented in any human being, animal, plant or liquids from them, such as blood, semen, saliva etc., to date! Why is this not the case?

The electron microscopic images of alleged viruses show only structures that are always obtained from completely different sources. These structures have never been isolated, neither biochemically characterized nor used as a source for the short pieces of nucleic acids, from which virologists ONLY THEORETICALLY construct a long nucleic acid, which is then passed off as the alleged genetic strand of a virus.

From all types of “phages” and “giant viruses”, nucleic acids of the same length and composition can be obtained. Never before has it been possible to isolate a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) from a structure or from a liquid whose length and composition correspond to what virologists claim to be the genetic strand of a disease-causing virus. Why and for what reason the virologists have completely lost themselves in an anti-scientific approach that is completely removed from reality and dangerous becomes clear through the sequence of what happened between 1951 and December 10, 1954.

After medical virology had been taken care of by control experiments in 1951, the phages of bacteria became the model for the persistent ideology of what “pathogenic viruses” should look like: a nucleic acid of a certain length and composition, surrounded by a shell consisting of a certain number of specific proteins.

But: lack of electron microscopic pictures of “disease-causing viruses” in humans/animals/plants, lack of electron microscopic pictures of “disease-causing viruses” in isolated form, lack of biochemical characterization of the components of “disease-causing viruses”.

Due to the lack of isolation, virologists have been. Still, they are forced to assemble individual components of supposedly “virally” diseased tissue into viruses in their thoughts and graphics and to fake these intellectual products for themselves and the public as existing viruses!

The virologists who claim that viruses cause illness refer centrally to a single publication with which they justify what they do and pass it off as scientific.

This is easily recognized as insane and anti-scientific. The authors, who published these considerations on June 1, 1954, have explicitly described their observations as speculations that have been refuted in themselves and that will only be verified in the future.

To this day, this future verification has not taken place because the first author of this study, Prof. John Franklin Enders, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine on December 10, 1954. He received the Nobel Prize for another speculation within the old, in 1951, disproved the “Viruses are dangerous protein-toxins” theory. The Nobel Prize had two effects: The old disproved toxin virus theory got a pseudo-scientific nimbus, and the new gene virology the highest, apparently scientific honour.

The new genetic virology from 1952 onward had two central basic principles: viruses that cause disease are, in principle, structured like phages, and they would be created when cells die in the test tube after supposedly infected sample material is added to them.

Enders and his colleagues, with their only publication from June 1, 1954, developed the idea that cells that die in the test tube after supposedly infected material is added would turn into viruses. This dying is simultaneously issued as isolation of the virus – because supposedly something is brought into the laboratory from outside -, and the reproduction of the suspected virus and the dying cell mass is used as a vaccine.

Enders, his colleagues and all virologists overlooked – because of the Nobel Prize’s blindness – that a virus does not cause the death of the cells in the laboratory but because the cells are unintentionally and unnoticed but systematically killed in the laboratory. By poisoning with cell-toxic antibiotics, by extreme starvation through withdrawal of the nutrient solution, and by adding decomposing proteins, which release toxic metabolic products. Components from such cells dying in the laboratory are still today mentally combined with a virus and presented as reality. The virology of disease-causing viruses is as simple as this.

Enders and the “virologists” have never, until today, carried out control experiments to “infect” the cells in the laboratory with sterile material. They die in the control experiment in exactly the same way as with supposedly “viral” material.

Short, clear and easily comprehensible explanation of the claims of all viruses that cause illness

Error and self-deception are human, comprehensible and excusable. What is not excusable are the constant claims of virologists that their statements and actions are scientific. That is wrong; easily provable and comprehensible for everyone. Therefore the virologists who claim coronaviruses or other pathogenic viruses are to be called employment fraudsters and prosecuted by legal means so that they retract their false, disproved and dangerous statements. Thus, the Corona crisis and other “viral” disasters with resulting deadly consequences such as “AIDS”, „Ebola” and other unfounded “viral” pandemics can and will not only be stopped and prevented in the future but turned into an opportunity for all.

The definition of what can be called a scientific statement and the resulting obligations are clearly defined. Summarized:

A. Every scientific statement must be verifiable, comprehensible and refutable.

B. Only if the refutation of a scientific statement by laws of thought, logic and, if applicable, by control experiments have not succeeded, a statement may be called scientific.

C. Every scientist is obliged to check and question his statements himself. Because virologists have never done this themselves and, for understandable reasons, are reluctant to do so – who wants to refute themselves, who wants to refute their actions, who wants to refute their reputation – we do this publicly with seven arguments.

Every single argument alone is sufficient to refute the existence claims of all “pathogenic viruses”, and this is what virologists of this discipline do (except for researchers who deal with the existing “phages” and “giant viruses”). In the following points, the word “virus” is used instead of the word combination “pathogenic virus”.

1. The fact of Alignment

Virologists have never isolated a complete genetic strand of a virus and displayed it directly, in its entire length. They always use concise pieces of nucleic acids, whose sequence consists of four molecules, to determine them and call them sequences. From a multitude of millions of such specific, very short sequences, virologists mentally assemble a fictitious long genome strand with the help of complex computational and statistical methods. This process is called alignment.

The result of this complex alignment, the fictitious and very long genetic strand, is presented by virologists as the core of a virus, and they claim to have thus proven the existence of a virus. However, such a complete strand never appears in reality and in scientific literature. However, the most straightforward standard techniques have long been available to determine the length and composition of nucleic acids simply and directly. By the fact of the alignment, instead of presenting a nucleic acid of the appropriate length directly, the virologists have disproved themselves.

2. Fact of the lack of control experiments for alignment

Virologists have never performed and documented an alignment using equally short nucleic acids from control experiments. To do this, they MUST isolate the short nucleic acids from the same cell culture procedure, with the difference that the suspected “infection” does not occur by adding supposedly “infected” samples but with sterile materials or sterilized samples that have been “control-infected”. These logical and mandatory control experiments have never been performed and documented. The virologists have thus proven that their statements have no scientific value and must NOT be passed off as scientific statements.

3. Alignment is only done through mental constructs

To mentally/computationally assemble the very short sequences of the nucleic acids used into a long genome, the virologists need a template to align the short sequences into a very long, supposedly viral genome strand. Without such a given, very long sequence, it is not possible for a virologist to construct a viral genome theoretically/computationally. Virologists argue that the constructed genome is from a virus because the alignment was done with another, given viral genome. This argument of the virologists is briefly and unambiguously refuted by the fact that all templates with which new genetic material strands were generated theoretically/computationally were themselves and finally generated theoretically/computationally and do not originate from a virus.

4. Viruses have never been seen in a human/animal/plant or liquids thereof

Virologists claim that infectious, i.e. intact viruses, are supposed to be present in large numbers in blood and saliva. That is why, for example, in the Corona crisis, all people wear a mask. However, not a single virus has been photographed in saliva, blood or other places in human/animal/plant or fluids, although electron microscopic imaging is now an easy and routine standard technique. This specific and easily verifiable fact that there are no images of viruses in human/animal/plant or liquids from it disproves all virus allegations. Something that has never been seen in human/animal/plant or liquids from it must not be given as a scientifically proven fact.

5. The composition of the structures that are claimed to be viruses has never been biochemically characterized

Virologists use two different techniques to create photos of alleged viruses. For transmission electron microscopy, they use cell cultures which they embed in synthetic resin, scrape into thin layers and look through. Particles they show in such images have never been isolated, and their composition has never been biochemically determined. After all, all proteins and the long genome strand attributed to the viruses would have to be found. Neither that nor the isolation of such embedded particles and the biochemical characterization of their composition appear in a single publication by virologists.

This refutes the virologists’ claim that such recordings are viruses.

The other method virologists use to photograph viruses under the electron microscope is the simple and fast observation electron microscopy known as negative staining. To concentrate existing structures, such as “phages” and “giant viruses”, and to separate them from all other components, which is then called “isolation”, a standard technique is used, density-gradient centrifugation. The visibility of these isolated structures’ presence, appearance and purity in the electron microscope is achieved by coating these particles with a metal-containing substance and making the underlying structures appear as shadows in the electron beam. The other part of the isolated particles, which were made visible by “negative staining”, is biochemically characterized. In the case of all phages and giant viruses, the nucleic acids are always found to be intact, always the same, always very long and composed in the same way, and the biochemical characterisation results are documented.

In the case of all viruses, which are issued as viruses using this technique, the “negative staining”, the following has been done. These particles are not enriched, purified and isolated by the density-gradient centrifugation provided for this purpose but sedimented by simple centrifugation on the bottom of the centrifuge tube, called “pelleting” and then observed under the electron microscope. The composition of such structures, which are presented as viruses, has never been determined biochemically until today. With this easily verifiable and comprehensible statement based on all publications of virologists, in which structures are identified as viruses through the electron microscope, the virologists have also disproved this argument of the existence of viruses simply and elegantly – without noticing it.

6. Electron microscopic images, which are output as viruses, are known as typical artefacts or cell-specific structures

Virologists publish many electron microscopic images of structures they pass off as viruses. They do not mention that ALL these images are typical structures of dying cell cultures or laboratory-produced protein-fat soap bubbles. They have never been photographed in human/animal/plant or liquids from them. Researchers other than virologists refer to the same structures that virologists present as viruses as typical cell components such as villi (amoeba-like protuberances with which cells cling to the surface and move around), exosomes or “virus-like particles”. This proves that the virologists’ statements that viruses can be seen under the electron microscope have been scientifically disproved.

7. The animal experiments of the virologists refute the virus existence assertions

Virologists conduct animal experiments to prove that the substances they work with are viruses and can cause diseases. It is clear from every single publication in which such animal experiments have been conducted that the way the animals are treated produces the symptoms claimed to be caused by the virus. In each of these publications, it is clear that no control experiments have been performed where the animals would have been treated the same way with the sterilized starting material. These two openly stated facts refute the virologists who claim that they detected the presence and effect of viruses in animal experiments.

Concluding remark

To end the Corona crisis and turn it into an opportunity for all, it is necessary to make these clear, easily comprehensible and verifiable refutations of the virology public and effective.

These refutations become effective, for example, when the appropriate legal remedies against virologists are applied in the judiciary and the results are made public.

We will inform you via our WissenschafftPlus mailing list when we have the results ready for decision. I guarantee with my name that anyone who wants to check these statements on any “disease-causing virus” will reach the same conclusions if he/she can read the methods. Precautionary note: As long as the corona crisis continues, my colleagues and I will only answer inquiries regarding alleged so-called corona and measles viruses. For inquiries about all other “viruses”, I refer the Corona period to the articles on this subject published in the magazine WissenschafftPlus since 2003.

Please do not only remember that the decision in the measles trial, which the highest court of law confirmed, has deprived the entire virology of its basis.

It has been established by a court of law and is, therefore, part of the German jurisdiction that the publication of the central method of virology from June 1, 1954, in which the unintentional and unnoticed killing of cells in the laboratory was published as proof of the existence of disease-causing viruses, no longer constitutes proof of the existence of a virus from the year 2016!

The Corona crisis has increased the chance that the origins of the measles virus process alone can bring about the turnaround from the good-evil thinking and acting that dominates biology, medicine, society and the state today. Applying one, several or all seven of the above-mentioned arguments to SARS-CoV-2 may be enough to end the predictable dynamics of the global corona hysteria and the business dealings that are greasing it with tests and vaccines.

The Corona crisis is a unique opportunity and a clear call to stand up for life and the three universal human ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity,

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