Jul 18, 2022

Let’s talk about what cancer is.

Before proceeding, let’s pause to honor the countless individuals who, despite facing dire cancer diagnoses from conventional medicine, chose to forge their own path. These brave individuals rejected the constraints imposed by the medical establishment and embraced alternative routes to recovery. Today, They stand as living testaments to the transformative potential of understanding the biological significance of their experiences. They have illuminated the fact that cancer is not an unconquerable adversary, but rather a gateway to profound healing and personal growth. Their journeys serve as a powerful reminder that conventional medical paradigms may not always lead to true wellness and can, in fact, carry significant risks. It is from their experiences that we are compelled to question prevailing dogmas and delve into holistic avenues for health and restoration.

When we acknowledge that we are responsible for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences through our free will, the transformative potential of this innate power becomes evident. Free will holds the key to resolving all aspects of our being.

Cancer symptoms are nowhere to be found when you experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. That’s why our primary focus should be on maintaining that well-being. True health encompasses a spiritual connection with oneself, tapping into inner wisdom, nurturing relationships, and embracing the wonders of nature. It’s about finding balance in your emotional and mental realms, addressing any trauma, patterns of thought and emotions that disrupts this equilibrium. Change of behaviour(s) that are harmful and detoxifying the body when necessary, and providing your mind and body with the nourishment they need so you can function optimally. Doing so lets you feel at ease in your skin and live a healthy, joyful and confident life.

Most bodily health symptoms that, in the traditional sense of the word, are called illnesses and diseases, cancer included, are essentially man-made and not what you have let to belief. This should be wonderful news because it means you can resolve it.

It’s important to note that the medical field thinks that genetics plays a significant role in cancer predisposition, but is that true? Consider identical twins – born from the same fertilised egg; they boast nearly identical genetic blueprints. One might assume that if cancer were solely inherited, both twins would develop it. Yet, this isn’t the reality many observe. Similarly, individuals from regions with lower disease prevalence, such as rural China, may relocate to Western countries. As they adopt a more Westernised lifestyle, including dietary habits and mindset, they begin to exhibit higher rates of various bodily symptoms, including cancer. How is this possible?

So, if genetics play a relatively minor role, or no role at all what exactly triggers and advances bodily cancer?

Your Government, the World Health Organization (WHO), Universities, NGOs (charities), and the fields of science, medicine, pharmacology, psychiatry, and psychology either withhold crucial information about health and cancer, or they don’t know, or they do know, but telling you the truth is not in their interest.

Cancer is not a mystery; it is relatively simple to address and dissolve and, in essence, not a big problem, as the medical field wants you to believe. Once you successfully address what initiates and promotes cancer, healing starts, like the healing of a wound; it is that simple. You might think, why have I not heard about this before? Because people in critical positions of power do not like you to know.

For the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical industries to stay relevant, a permanent health solution for society means potential death or a significant downsizing of those industries. This means people will lose their jobs, qualifications will be cancelled, status and power will be relinquished, many potential lawsuits will be filed, public embarrassment will be too big to handle, etc. The same counts for Universities, NGOs, Charities, Media, Governments, the Food industry and all other industries that contribute to suppressing vital new information on health and cancer, poisoning the spirit, mind and body and making big money in the process.

Here, two diagrams explain the medical cost of cancer in the USA. They show how much is to be gained by keeping people ignored.

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network The Costs of Cancer 2020

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network The Costs of Cancer 2020

Unfortunately, numerous industries actively discourage the dissemination of information on cancer prevention, treatment, and cessation. The red tape and self-interest layers make it extremely hard for new revealing scientific information to come to the service, especially if it threatens their industries and personal interests.

Their primary focus is on capitalising on the prevalence of cancer (symptoms) to maximise profits and maintain control. The scale of the cancer industry in the United States alone underscores the substantial interests involved. To navigate this reality, we must not harbour naivety; our societal framework operates on the dynamics of wealth and power, which corrupt individuals and institutions.

Society is a complex system carefully set up to provide limited accountability and responsibility, stop critical thinking, and foster dependency and a helpless attitude where needed. Even though people read, hear, or see that alternative solutions produce incredible health results, people tend to look the other way, are ignored, and put their faith in the mainstream medical approach for various reasons (limited accountability).

In times of uncertainty, people seem to do what others do, what is familiar, what seems safe, and what society accepts and expects, not to mention the pressure of the medical field. Even though many people know that operating, chemotherapy, and radiation remedies are symptom-based treatments, they are highly invasive and often do not have the immediate or long-term desired results; people will still go ahead.

What you need to know:

When individuals undergo a sudden and profound emotional shock, their bodies may react with symptoms recognised by doctors as cancer. This physiological response is the body’s mechanism for dealing with the profound emotional imprint. Just as a sudden cut leads to bleeding and initiates the healing process, a traumatic event or imprint can trigger an immediate physical manifestation such as cancer. The medical field misinterprets the body’s commencement of the trauma-healing process as cancer.

This initial phase of “cancer” is a natural response, reflecting the body’s attempt to deal with the emotional strain caused by the trauma. By comprehending this, we can approach cancer with less fear and more understanding, seeing it as a part of the body’s natural way of becoming whole again.

Addressing and managing the emotional side of things early on can play a vital role in supporting the body’s overall healing process, not just physically but emotionally, too.

Viewing cancer in this light reminds us of the profound connection between our emotional and physical well-being. It’s a testament to the body’s resilience and remarkable ability to navigate and overcome adversity, emerging more robust and resilient.

Addressing the effects of trauma directly prompts the body to start healing and becoming whole again. When we work on resolving trauma, it’s like starting the healing process of a wound.

The difference between a kitchen knife finger cut and a sudden traumatic imprint is that the cutting stops when you put down the knife. But a traumatic imprint, if not released, can keep running (promotion face), which means healing can not occur. Hence, it is essential to address and dissolve the trauma-running program so the healing can continue uninterrupted.

When the medical field diagnoses people with cancer, the cause can also be created through what becomes very toxic to the body. Inhaling, digesting, and absorbing toxins in our society have become part of life. For some people, the accumulation of toxins in the body over a period of time can start the initiation face of cancer as well as a sudden toxic overload. The promotion face according Dr T. Colin Campbell can be triggered by specific foods like dairy due to the protein called casein found in dairy. The good thing is that there are simple ways to prevent this initiation for good and detox the body through a prolonged proper fast. Fasting is an excellent way of cleansing the body, stopping the promotion stage and restoring health.

For many people, it is often a combination of both, trauma and an alraedy toxic environment in the body. Both need to be addressed so that the renewal face (healing) can start.

However, if you do not treat the cause of what the medical field calls cancer, the healing process will be difficult. The same applies to a wound you keep opening or infecting; the body can’t heal. Therefore, comprehending the relationship between initiation, promotion, and the renewal face is essential.

Failure to adequately address either the trauma, the toxic load, or a combination of both could potentially result in additional mental and physical complications or worse.

I offer a different perspective on what the medical field calls illness or disease. Most people are terrified when they are diagnosed by the medical field with cancer, and for good reasons. This information, more often than not, creates a second traumatic imprint, which can create another physical manifestation of healing. Like you cut yourself again, and now the body needs to heal that, too.

But when people realise that their medical story of cancer has no merit, they will start to look at the bodily effects of trauma, toxins and poor nutrition very differently. You will begin to feel empowered and start to realise that, in fact, your “life-threatening problem” is not what it seems to be, nor does it have to be fatal. Instead, you will learn how to naturally assist your body’s healing process, leaving you feeling inspired and confident about life.

Many misunderstandings regarding illness and diseases persist primarily because of conventional education obtained from universities, scientific literature, or the media. Access to suppressed scientific data could offer clarifications, revealing information that powerful industries, governments, NGOs, and charities prefer to keep hidden.

For most people, to walk a different path than the status quo requires courage, self-love, and the will to explore a different perspective on health and bodily symptoms. But it can be hard to stand up against the medical voice pushing you to follow their advice. Most people want to fit in and be accepted by society. Taking a different direction and resisting outside pressure is challenging for most people. These factors often become a vast blind spot in people’s decision-making process.

Courage is a crucial quality in making life-altering decisions. It’s not just an internal quality; it also stems from the support we receive from others. When you feel someone has your back, especially during confusion or self-doubt, their encouragement can be a guiding force. The assurance of “I got you! You can do this” can instil the courage needed to embrace new possibilities and make alternative choices. Acting with courage impacts you and inspires others, like family and friends, creating a positive chain reaction of empowerment and inspiration.

Cancer, often misunderstood, doesn’t have to be viewed as an adversary. In fact, for many individuals, it serves as an unexpected opportunity and a blessing. It acts as a profound wake-up call, prompting deep introspection and scrutiny of one’s thoughts, state of mind and behaviours, and way of life. This pivotal moment can become a catalyst for allowing new insights and actions to take place, starting to take full responsibility and accountability for their well-being and encompassing detoxification of the mind and body, tapping into their innate wisdom and reshuffling and dissolving old patterns, and adopting values and beliefs that truly serve. This transformative process includes (re)educating themselves, acquiring new skills, and nurturing healthy attitudes and behaviours.

These changes can take root, and a sense of well-being, joy, and confidence about the future naturally ensues. It’s a process marked by empowerment and growth, where adversity transforms into an opportunity for profound personal development.

I hope I have shared enough today to inspire you to take the first step towards being healthy and cancer-free.


 “As Einstein wisely said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ This sentiment resonates deeply in the context of health and cancer. Shift your mindset, embrace change, and view cancer as a transformative opportunity to pave the way for a healthier, cancer-free life.”

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