Mar 10, 2023

Experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI) is not fun. Most people need clarification as to why they created it in the first place. This blog post will shine some critical light on the subject.

Infections are merely a sign that we are not taking care of ourselves as we are meant to. Once we comprehend how we created bodily infections and how to treat them, we can start to live infection-free lives in the future.

This blog post will help you comprehend the symptoms, why they happen, how dangerous they can become if not treated, how to treat UTIs naturally and, more importantly, how to avoid them altogether by changing our thinking and behaviour.

UTI symptoms

Burning with urination, Frequent urges to urinate, Lower abdominal pain or aching, blood in your urine (sometimes, but not always), cloudy urine, weird smelling urine, and you could experience even a cold feeling in your lower back.

Why do they happen?

UTIs can happen because E. coli bacteria sneak up into your urinary tract and hang around, causing havoc. But more often than not, it is a combination of different factors, like;

– stress,


– acidic foods/drinks (processed),

– insufficient Sunlight.

– tight undies, pants, polyester undies

– poor hygiene and,

– too much radiation exposure (mobile, iPad, router etc.)

All the factors mentioned above can contribute to developing UTI.

Why can UTIs be potentially dangerous?

UTIs can affect any part of your urinary tract, but the lower urinary tract is the most common, specifically your bladder (cystitis) and urethra (urethritis). If left untreated, a UTI can progress to the kidneys (nephritis or pyelonephritis), a severe infection requiring a trip to your doctor/health specialist. Kidney infections can cause permanent kidney damage and kidney failure if not treated quickly or can spread to your bloodstream.

In addition to the classic UTI symptoms listed above, kidney infection symptoms can include fever (hot and cold), Shakes, Back, side or groin pain, and Abdominal pain.

Let’s look closely into these potential UTI causes and how to avoid them altogether.

1. State of mind

Stress, anxiety, depression or other things that create emotional hardship can cause harmful chemistry in the body, especially if these experiences are going on for too long. Therefore, the quality of our overall state of mind is essential in how physical chemistry and processes function; this should be considered. Therefore, a general joyful state of mind and dealing swiftly and calmly with potentially stressful situations and life is essential for a healthy body environment.

It is, therefore, vital to direct your mind towards what you want instead of what you don’t want.

2. Dehydration

Due to a lack of information and knowledge, many people are chronically dehydrated. When it comes to infections, dehydration is often overlooked. Bodily processes, including the urinal track, can’t function properly when the body is not hydrated adequately. The body’s waters frequently need to be refreshed as they play a crucial role in keeping the many environments in the body healthy, avoiding infections.

Drinking structured filtered water throughout the day helps bodily wastewater to leave the body in time. We all know that stagnant water causes bacterial growth and contributes to potential infections and diseases. So hydrate yourself with structured filtered water frequently. In addition, it will help your immune system to function more effectively and efficiently.

Hydration tip: put a pinch of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt (pure unrefined salts) in your litre glass bottle when you drink structured filtered water. Drink at least one litre of water in the morning before you eat anything (make sure to wait half an hour before you eat). This will help you avoid infections in the body and, in general, the best way to start your day.

As a rule of thumb, you know you are hydrated well when your urine is clear and odourless.

3. Food / Diet

Your diet is one of the most potent health tools. It affects your health in every possible way, including by helping you to avoid bacterial infections.

Regularly eating processed packaged foods and takeaways will weaken your immunity and make you more susceptible to bacterial infections. On the other hand, if your diet is rich in whole plant-based foods loaded with all the nutrients, you’ll give your body the necessary ingredients to help avoid bacterial infections.

Ensure you eat your vegetables and fruit fresh, in season, local and, if possible, organic. Whole Food Plant Based diet plays a significant role in alkalising and oxygenating your body, creating a healthy environment. In this environment, it is nearly impossible for infections to exist.

To further boost bacterial balance, use an ancient practice: eating fermented foods helps healthy bacteria into your gut. Fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso soup, fermented drinks (kombucha), and kimchi can all assist you in avoiding bacterial infections in the first place.

Mother nature has plenty of natural antibiotics to support your health.

4. Sunlight exposure

The German microbiologist Robert Koch, who isolated TB bacteria in 1882, showed that the sun could kill the bacteria. However, even earlier, in 1877, other researchers discovered that sugar water left in the shade became cloudy, indicative of bacterial growth, but if exposed to the sun, it remained clear.

Dr Kime said that the sun is a potent bactericide. In his book, Sunlight Could Save Your Life, Dr Kime reviewed the research results between 1886 and 1909. It showed that the following bacteria were killed by ultraviolet light: anthrax, plague, streptococci, tubercle bacillus, cholera, staphylococcus, colon bacillus and dysentery bacillus. Sun was virtually forgotten with the advent of antibiotic drugs, but now the interest has returned.

The insanity of sun avoidance becomes more evident every day. Safely embrace the sun to boost your health!

5. Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation

Radiation can seriously disrupt the bacteria balance in the body, assisting in the process of creating infections. Therefore, ensure the router is unplugged at night, and the mobile phone and iPad are on flight mode when you don’t use them. If you are charging your mobile phone, iPad or laptop, make sure it is at least 2 to 3 metres away from your body due to the high electromagnetic field this creates.

Having your phone, iPad, laptop, and computer hardwired is the smart and safe thing to do when you use it for extended periods.

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can harm biological systems, AKA our health.

6. Natural remedies to avoid or dissolve UTIs

Natural alternatives to over-the-counter medication to prevent and support relief from bacterial infection.

– Colloidal Silver and Fulvic Acid

Boost immunity and fight bacterial and viral infections. You can use it regularly to increase immunity or up to five times daily when experiencing bacterial overwhelm.

– Essential Oils

The essential oil of oregano is a potent antibacterial agent and is considered one of the most harmful bacteria removers of all essential oils.

For centuries, oregano oil has been used to treat respiratory infections, chronic inflammation, urinary tract infections, dysentery, jaundice and more. Oregano is also rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron and manganese. These minerals only increase the healing potential of this essential oil, which has become especially popular in recent years as a natural alternative to prescription antibiotics.

Apply a few drops of oregano oil topically to the chest and throat, diffuse during sleep or work, and add to your cooking.

In addition to oregano oil, tea tree, cinnamon, and thyme are particularly potent antibacterial. You can use them topically and diffuse, and they may be ingested in small amounts responsibly.

– Grapefruit Seed Extract

Another natural way to avoid bacterial infections is to use grapefruit seed extract. This is pulled from the bioflavonoids found in the seed and pulp of grapefruits. Its ceramic action has shown a growth-inhibiting effect on bacteria, fungi and parasites.

A grapefruit seed extract effectively inhibits bacteria such as S. aureus, E. coli, P. average – nosa and M. tuberculosis. This gives it a variety of uses, including an internal bactericide, water disinfectant, skin cleanser and first-aid spray. Also, grapefruit seed extract is a natural treatment for house pets and livestock susceptible to various sources of bacterial infections.

– Cranberry juice

The properties of this juice have been proven to be an effective non-drug therapy against urinary tract infections. It keeps bacteria from attaching to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract because of the active ingredients of the juice. If you’re prone to these infections, drink a quart of cranberry juice daily.

– Ancient herbal remedies

For example, raw garlic contains potent bacterial effects and does not kill bacteria directly but boosts immune function, enabling the body to eliminate chronic bacterial infections.

Seven practical tips to stop UTIs:

A Urinate when you need to; don’t hold on!

When you poop, wipe front to back this piece of advice is vital, use Water Wipes to get your butt squeaky clean. Dry toilet paper alone is insufficient to ensure those sneaky E. coli bacteria are correctly eliminated from migrating northwards. To put it bluntly, your butt and your wee hole reside nearby and share a dark, sweaty space, and it’s your job to keep it all extra clean, especially if you’re prone to UTIs.

B Make sure to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse, and for that matter, beforehand if you can.

C – Don’t use scented soaps, body washes, sprays or chemical-laden cleansers on your bits, as these irritate the urethra (your little hole).

D – Wear cotton undies, and don’t wear tight pants. Your bits need to breathe.

E – Have showers instead of baths. Don’t wallow around in hot, perfumed bath water.

F – What if all this doesn’t help

If you keep having symptoms of UTI after all this, you may need a high-alkaline juice fast for seven days, up to 14 days, or a water fast to detoxify your system and reset your body’s chemistry balance. That should keep urinary tract infections away for a good, long time!


UTIs can be something of the past now that you know what is causing them in the first place, simply by focusing on what you want yourself well, eating whole plant-based foods, getting into the sun, avoiding overexposure to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation from your gadgets and be conscious of having proper hygiene.

However, if you need help to achieve all of the above, please feel free to reach out.

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