Jan 10, 2024

Empower yourself

In the sea of advice from health gurus to doctors, scientists, nutritionists, dieticians, psychologists, psychiatrists and even loved ones, it’s easy to feel lost.

Everyone believes they know what’s best for you, but finding clarity isn’t always simple, even when the truth stares at us.

Our role models have been replaced?

You see, we use our senses all the time. Our senses are a pretty sophisticated set of tools at our disposal. So, how can your senses start to work for you instead of against you? Let’s examine how an animal knows what to think, how to behave, eat, and drink. Animals are born with a ready-to-go program. They know what to do; it is instinctive. But how is this for people? Back in the day, this would be very similar.

At some point, our ancestors started to listen to others either through force, ignorance or a perceived benefit and deviated from what served them. Today, people in white coats and so-called health specialists funded by corporations that lobby Governments tell people how to think and behave. They created medicine to treat bodily symptoms and perform many (unnecessary) treatments, including invasive surgeries and a cocktail of chemical remedies.

People with mental and emotional issues started to see medical doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, all in the name of progress. People with physical problems started seeing their General Practitioner (doctor), who began prescribing pharmaceuticals. If that did not work or the symptoms were too complex, they would send people on to a specialist in the hospital.

The supplement market came into existence at a tremendous speed, and it seems that all you have to do is listen to its marketing stories and pop as many of its pills as you see fit, and you will be fine! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many alternative health practitioners are getting a piece of the puzzle right, but they are often not knowledgeable and skilled enough to comprehend what is causing health problems in people’s lives. Often, it still stays at the level of treating the symptom, which for some people can be quite an improvement, but it is not a permanent solution.

This does not happen in the animal world. Perhaps the animals laugh at our inability to sense what is serving us. In today’s society, it is normal for people to visit medical specialists created by the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These industries are not interested in health or the cause of “illness” and “disease”. They are interested in sickness and treating symptoms, making billions of dollars and exercising control and power over your life and health.

Holistic health is looking broader addressing your state of mind, what you think, know, feel and do. Being healthy requires being balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and be spiritually connected to self, others and nature.

We must find our way back to being healthy, confident and joyful. The question for many of us is how?

Choose a suitable role model to work with

Animals have fantastic role models and trust their instincts; they sense what to eat, drink, and do to be healthy, confident, and joyful. Our ancestors had role models, too. They trusted their innate wisdom and acted on feedback, but most people in today’s society have lost their way.

Therefore, engaging with role models who have found their way back to health, confidence, and joyfulness can be a great strategy to experience something similar. Model people who walk the talk look healthy, are fit, have a sharp mind, can think critically, are guided by their innate wisdom, are spiritually connected and have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you and others find your way back to overall health.

Seek a role model that walks his or her talk unfortunately not many do or know how to. In one of my previous blog post I wrote about well-formed outcomes. This is a great process to take yourself through achieving what you want.

Remember – model from somebody who is guided by their innate wisdom.

All you need to do next is to decide if you are worth it!

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