Apr 16, 2024

lWhen the body shows symptoms that the medical field interprets as illness or disease, I see merely a reaction to the body’s struggle to heal itself from mental and emotional challenges and physical imbalances. As soon as these are addressed, the healing symptoms will vanish rapidly as the mind and body return to balance.

In the context of pneumonia, the condition can arise as a part of the body’s response to a specific biological conflict related to the respiratory system. The conflict linked to pneumonia typically involves feeling unable to take in air or feeling suffocated due to a stressful event or emotional shock.

Pneumonia  can occur during a sudden or prolonged conflict  phase when lung tissues undergo specific biological changes as part of the body’s attempt to adapt to the perceived threat. These changes can include cell proliferation or tissue degeneration, which can manifest as inflammation or fluid build-up in the lungs.

Resolving the underlying emotional conflict is essential to support the body’s natural healing process and to prevent disruption of the healing face. Addressing the conflict’s root cause can alleviate pneumonia symptoms without conventional medical intervention.  When the underlying issues are not resolved health symptoms can continue and can express in other forms.

Beside addressing root causes the good news is that Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, offers several whole foods and plant extracts that can help the respiratory system’s health.

Here, I share eight of Mother Nature’s gifts that can help support easier breathing and overall respiratory health.

1. Lemon Power: Lemons are unmatched in their ability to heal and cleanse the lymphatic system. Drinking one cup of fresh lemon juice daily, alongside a raw food diet and avoiding toxic drugs, can rejuvenate the liver within just 90 days. Lemons are potent detoxifiers, aiding in parasite elimination and gallstone dissolution. Limonene, the volatile oil in lemons, even shows promise in combating certain cancers, notably breast cancer. With its liver-supporting properties and kidney stone-fighting abilities, lemon juice also promotes digestive health and relieves constipation. Its antiseptic qualities make it a natural aid in wound healing and infection prevention. Additionally, lemon juice acts as a mild diuretic and blood purifier, eliminating toxins and old drug residues from the body.

2. Apple Brilliance: The adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” holds true for good reason. Apples, rich in pectin, excel in stripping heavy metals and congestion from the body, crucial for optimal respiratory health. They’re particularly beneficial for repairing lungs damaged by smoking and slowing lung degradation. To maximize nutritional benefits, consume the skin, packed with micronutrients and fiber. Opt for locally sourced, organic or spray-free apples whenever possible. If non-organic, soak them in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water to remove pesticide residues. Incorporating apples into your daily diet supports respiratory wellness and safeguards against respiratory issues.

3. Onion Wonder: Beyond culinary use, onions are a nutritional powerhouse for respiratory health. Their anti-inflammatory agents alleviate symptoms associated with various conditions, including arthritis, asthma, and respiratory congestion. Compounds like vitamin C and quercetin, coupled with isothiocyanates, synergistically combat inflammation and eliminate harmful bacteria. Include brown and white onions in cooking and shallots and red onions in raw salads to reap their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits.

4. Potato Powerhouse: Despite misconceptions surrounding their carb content, potatoes stand out as a nutritional powerhouse in the plant kingdom. Rich in flavonoids, potatoes offer protective effects against cardiovascular and respiratory issues. Their starch acts as a sponge, absorbing toxins for elimination. Packed with vitamin C, folic acid, quercetin, and kukoamines, potatoes contribute to lung health and blood pressure regulation. Ditch the frying and opt for healthier cooking methods like baking or steaming to fully harness their health benefits.

5. Radish Revival: Often overlooked, radishes shine as a top food for respiratory health. Their natural decongestant properties clear airways, combating issues like bronchitis and asthma. Beyond respiratory benefits, radishes freshen breath, regulate metabolism, and improve circulation. Incorporate radishes into your diet, especially during colder months, to enjoy their crunchy texture and myriad health benefits.

6. Artichoke Ally: Since ancient times, artichokes have been revered for their lung-cleansing properties. High in fiber and essential nutrients like potassium and calcium, artichokes support lung and liver function, lower cholesterol, and ease blood pressure-related issues. Enjoy artichoke hearts in various dishes, hot or cold, to reap their respiratory and overall health benefits.

7. Peppermint Power: Essential for respiratory health, peppermint oil clears and strengthens the respiratory tract. Its muscle-relaxing properties ease breathing congestion, while compounds like rosmarinic acid neutralize free radicals and combat inflammation. Peppermint oil aids in opening airways and relieving nasal symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis. Try a comforting blend of peppermint oil, hot water, and lemon for respiratory relief and overall wellness.

 Take back your power

What the medical field calls disease and illness is different from what you think it is. It is an earnest cry for help. When this cry for help is addressed, what the medical field calls disease or illness will disappear. The challenge is for people to recognise their role in this cry for help and to take action. They can only help themselves by thinking and acting differently and by seeking the support they need. People need to comprehend that they are not alone in this process and that holistic help is available.

The main takeaway

Most of the time, our thoughts and emotions and a previous mental shock of a sudden impactful experience  can play a significant role when people are diagnosed with ‘recovery’ health symptoms like i.e. pneumonia. Often, there is a direct relationship, and healing can begin as soon as these things are acknowledged and resolved. To speed up the healing process, give the body the support it needs from foods and plant extracts that provide healing qualities, as outlined above. Remember Whole foods is the sum of all its parts instead of paying attention to one so called nutrient in isolation, therefore focus eating foods in its complete whole form that grows in the ground, on the ground and above.

A detox protocol is also beneficial to assist the liver, kidneys, lymphatic, and respiratory systems. Clean air, ample quality water, and sunshine directly on the chest and back (20 minutes each way) will speed up your recovery and strengthen you overall health.


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