May 15, 2024

When we observe how most people respond to illness, it often seems they’re doing very little to get better truly. Panic usually sets in at the onset of sickness, as people are naturally averse to discomfort and seek swift relief. While it’s understandable to want to feel better as quickly as possible, it’s crucial to remember that illness usually develops over time. It can result from an accumulation of toxins from your environment, the air you breathe, the food and drinks you consume, the substances you put on your skin, your mindset, your emotional states, and your life experiences. Are you a sun-seeker or a shade-dweller? Do you maintain an active lifestyle? A combination of these factors can often create a toxic, acidic, and inflammatory environment within your body.

But the good news is that your body is constantly changing and detoxifying. Your hair and nails grow, your skin regenerates every twenty-eight up to forty-eight  days depending your age. The oxygen you inhale is exhaled as waste carbon dioxide. The food and liquids you consume are metabolised, with nutrients transported throughout your body and waste products expelled. This cyclical process illustrates that your life is a constant, dynamic journey—not a static existence.

Yet the journey doesn’t end at the physical level. Your mind generates new thoughts, and your experiences become memories processed daily. When these experiences are positive, they develop a welcomed chemistry within your body. However, if they provoke, i.e. anger, guilt, doubt, stress, anxiety, or depression, they become toxic and acidic. What steps can you take when you’re unwell that can make a significant difference?

I’m trying to convey that health is multifaceted, with various elements contributing to your well-being. Suppose you don’t manage these elements effectively. In that case, your body may start to manifest signs of imbalance, such as stubborn fat deposits, damaged tissue, excess proteins, abscesses, mould, parasites, harmful bacteria, plaque in the colon and arteries, acidity, inflammation, and even tumours, all of which can make you feel unwell.

Your mindset plays a crucial role in your daily life. You dictate your emotions, behaviour, and experiences if you’re in charge. Unfortunately, many people are being triggered by past experiences including trauma that influence their emotional state, leading to decisions that may not serve their long-term interests. This is concerning as it means that unconscious patterns are directing their life, and they no longer are in charge of their emotions, behaviours and life experiences. It’s as if someone else is at the helm.

When you feel sick, it’s crucial to recognise that you have the power to reverse the damage by providing your body and mind with what it needs. It’s not about seeking miracles, but about becoming aware that your current habits are causing disharmony within your body. Once you realise this, you can take action and regain control of your thinking, emotions and health.

You could rush to a doctor, pharmacy, or alternative health practitioner. But is that necessary? Is it the best choice that is available? More often than not, it’s not. The first step should be to reflect on your thoughts, lifestyle and habits that are contributing to your ill health. It’s crucial to understand how your mind and body have become toxic. When we speak of consciousness, it’s about becoming aware of the thoughts and behaviours that were previously overlooked but are now causing harm.

Whatever you focus on in live  it will manifest and show up. 

Consider nourishing your body with fruits, vegetables, and other whole-food, plant-based produce in such moments, these are your daily medicine. I am talking about real food that grows in, on, or above the ground, fresh, in season, and preferably grown organically. Hydrate your body adequately, drinking one litre of structured water for every 22-kilo body weight, with a pinch of quality sea salt (Celtic). Spend 20 minutes in the sun before starting your day, whenever possible, and walk barefoot for half an hour, grounding yourself with the earth. These simple daily habits can significantly impact your body’s internal environment.

Seek assistance from experienced professionals to help resolve any trauma or conflict. Find someone who can guide you on how to adequately nourish and hydrate your body, enabling you to feel strong and recover swiftly. Seek someone with the expertise to help you detoxify your mind and body, leading to a transformative experience that will positively impact the way you think, your emotions, and mindset. Fasting (detox) can restore your body’s internal environment. Fasting can switch the metabolism from using glucose as fuel to using fatty acids, which trigger your stem cells to become more active and regenerative. Fasting will transform your internal environment to a pristine condition, enhancing your spiritual connection with yourself and nature, and it will help you focus on what’s truly important. This journey of self-improvement and transformation is within your reach.

Understand that it’s okay to feel unwell; it’s part of a process and know that it will pass once you address your personal history releasing and dissolving what no longer serves you. Obtaining patters of success that provides clarity, confidence and joy. Trust in nature’s plant based whole foods, quality structured water, and salt to regain health. that through proper fasting, your body’s internal environment can be restored to its original state, all this to facilitate the return of harmony, vitality, joy and health.

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