Jun 12, 2024

In psychology, psychiatry, therapy, counselling and coaching, the focus is on why, how, and what you think. Often, they want you to look at the past to change the present or focus on what you will do differently in the future.

However, these fields do not address a fundamental fact: That you think, people are thinkers. producing thoughts and therefore feelings, which people do most of the day. Making people aware of this key fact is essential to comprehending their minute to minute experience. 

When we think, we activate a process that produces thoughts and feelings. Most people need to be made aware of this direct relationship. When you feel a certain way, you think a certain way. These two go hand in hand. You can’t separate it; it’s synesthesia, and most people are unconscious of this phenomenon. Becoming aware that your feelings directly relate to your thinking and the thoughts you hold at any given time can be the AHA moment you have been waiting for.

Changing your thinking about the thoughts you hold in the present is vital to your daily experience and well-being. Thoughts mean something if you give them meaning. A thought is like a cloud in the sky passing by. You do not have to react to any thought you hold. You can, but you can also let that thought go like a cloud in the sky fading away. What you don’t give energy and focus to will disappear; try it, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Become an observer of thought; don’t own them. Let them be without attachment. Many thoughts we have you did not ask for. They just appeared, that’s all. Let them go.

Thoughts cannot be put into a box or your pocket. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a thought is a nominalisation of a verb representing a process that turned into a noun, an event or a concept. Thoughts are intangible; they are illusions and fiction. They come and go, but when you give thoughts energy and power, you will feel them. When you are unaware and do not comprehend the power of thought, you can unintentionally upset and hurt yourself. Our thinking and the thoughts we hold create most health symptoms.

Mankind, at birth, has been given the freedom to think. It is called FREE WILL. You can think of whatever you want. You can choose your thoughts and think in ways that will make you feel good, joyful and confident, but it also means you can produce thoughts that make you feel bad, unbalanced, stressed, anxious, angry, jealous, insecure, dependent, etc.

When you realise that all you react to are your thoughts, nothing else, this fact might be a lightbulb moment! It is not the outside world that creates a reaction. It is your thoughts on the inside about the outside world that affect you. Nothing else.

Therefore, it is imperative to comprehend that free will, the power of thought, consciousness (your awareness) and the ability to feel are all connected and impact your daily life experiences. You have been given powerful tools, and when used with clarity, purpose, and comprehension, life can be a beautiful experience.

But many people seem to struggle in life. People feel mentally and emotionally challenged up to the point these thoughts create mental and physical health symptoms. What creates a new focus on figuring out what is causing it? People do not realise that most of the time, their thinking and the thoughts they hold are what is causing their problems.

You might be one thought away that can instantly change your entire experience. Your level of consciousness can expand through one spontaneous insight that can occur anywhere, anytime.

A little while ago, I spoke with a friend who lives in a big city. She is established and has a successful career. She shared that most, if not all, of her friends drink a few glasses of wine or more daily. Many have visited a health practitioner or medical doctor, and most, if not all, are taking medication to deal with life and sleep. They are dealing with their thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, they do not understand what is genuinely happening; regrettably, this is the norm for too many people.

Yet we have been given the instruments of free will, consciousness, and the ability to think and feel; these incredible gifts, when not fully understood of their power, how they affect each other, and how to use them wisely, can become significant problems in one’s life. A knife is a tremendous tool, especially if you have been shown how to use it well. However, you can hurt yourself without the necessary knowledge, awareness, and skill.

Mankind’s gifts are, therefore, a double-edged sword. These powerful tools can provide balance, health, peace, joy, confidence, and well-rested sleep. But as many people have and are experiencing, it can do quite the opposite.

At Living With Sense, I make people aware of the power of mind, consciousness, free will, thought and feeling. These instruments we receive at birth define us as people. They create our experience in this form. These gifts, when comprehended fully, enhance our lives in unimaginable ways. People no longer have to feel out of balance, guilt, anger, jealousy, etc. or experience anxiety, pressure, stress, depression or past trauma. People can forgive, have empathy, sense love, and move on gracefully.

The people I coach are no longer affected by their thoughts like they once were and now feel empowered with knowledge, skills, and insights for life.

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