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Collaborating with people who want to be healthy, confident and joyful is what Edwin is passionate about. His holistic coaching approach will be unique to you – no matter your belief system, current state of health, or personal situation. He combines his diverse qualifications, knowledge and vast experience by founding Living With Sense. Edwin coaches and mentors those looking to transition to a healthy, confident and joyful life – for life. Through coaching, speaking, video and writing, he wants to help you achieve holistic health by reconnecting your senses and empowering you to become your own ‘guru.


Edwin holds several certifications, including a graduate certificate in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) classic & new code, an advanced NLP classic & new code coaching certificate, a NLP classic & new code trainers certificate, an Ericksonian hypnosis certificate, a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and Certificate IV in New Small Business. His expertise includes transforming unwanted patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviours. Activation of innate wisdom technology for profound guidance and decision-making – spiritual growth and connection. Whole food plant-based (WFPB) nutrition to boost vitality, longevity and overall health. Prolonged fasting programs to detox the body, preventing and dissolving aches, pains, and healing the body from any disturbances and in-balances. Water optimisation technology strategies to produce the best possible water to hydrate and optimise bodily functioning. Electromagnetic field (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation protection strategies against exposure of harmful radiation.

And if you want the whole story...

It all began on a farm…

Edwin grew up on a progressive farm in the Netherlands’ beautiful, lush green countryside, which he experienced as a privilege and a challenge. He was curious about life, had a mind of his own, and had a strong desire to travel the world to find answers to some pressing questions at a young age.

Questioning the status quo…

After the turn of the 20th Century, living in Australia, Edwin started having several profound experiences beyond his conscious comprehension. These experiences became a significant catalyst for learning more about the unconscious mind, holistic health, sensory vs non-sensory information and the system of society. In his pursuit, he met extraordinary people, acquired a unique skill set, and gained many insights into health, joyfulness, confidence and life.

The AHA moment arrived…

In his younger years, he experienced that life can be challenging, especially if you do not know how to overcome your challenges. I.e. lying down on a beautiful beach in Thailand sixteen thousand kilometres from home and feeling guilty is not something he expected to happen. A few years later, he was fortunate to be trained by one of the world’s best about the unconscious mind; the AHA moment arrived when he realised that change happens mainly at the unconscious level, how to be in charge of your thinking and emotions and how to change your state of mind at will. Edwin modelled and learned from the best in the industry, who walk the talk, achieve the desired results, and have the will, skill, and knowledge to train and coach you. When all these ingredients are there, It is nearly impossible not to excel in life.

The life Edwin lives

Over the last few decades, he noticed that the more congruent he started to live, the greater his health, joy and confidence. Aligning his beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours, decomposing the constructed world, and making use of his innate wisdom, technology allowed him to experience a balanced and exciting life with his family and friends. He further enjoys spending time alone, reflecting, learning, exercising, hiking, eating healthy (tasty) foods, walking the dog (Lucho), coaching, public speaking and training.

Some of Edwin’s most significant achievements:

  • Being healthy

  • Joyful state of mind

  • Feeling confident

  • Spiritually connected

  • A supportive and balanced mind

  • Being accountable and responsible

  • Maintain resourceful in challenging times

  • Two to three bowel movements a day

  • Loving, fun and supporting family

  • Living an exciting and healthy lifestyle

  • Be able to connect the dots of life

  • Meaningful long-standing friendships

  • He has a great relationship with his siblings, mum, and dad

  • Being able to help others to achieve the outcomes they want!

Now it’s time to share with you what he has learned!

Helping people to develop life-changing thoughts, states of mind, and behaviours is very satisfying. To coach people of all backgrounds on how to run their minds instead of their minds running them. How to dissolve unwanted patterns of thought and emotions and replace them with desirable ones. How to be healthy and help others overcome almost any illness or disease, and for people to use their innate wisdom technology with great success and trust their senses.

When you are ready…

Once you reach that critical moment, you start to comprehend that only you can decide if change will happen. That you are the problem and the solution at the same time. You are worth investing in; know it’s time to take action. Edwin is eager to meet with you, whether it’s in person or online. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to explore all of your options. You may be pleasantly surprised as to what is possible!

The combination of Edwin’s knowledge and experience will give you the results that not many others could – I highly recommend working with him.

Darren Collins


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