I was struggling a lot with trauma and bad sleeping. The results have been really, really amazing. I have discovered many things about myself. I was able to see many patterns that I wasn’t aware of, a whole new world that opened up and many options at the personal and professional level that I didn’t expect. I really encourage you to work with Edwin.

Dr Ana Maria Olivia

Biomedical Researcher/Therapist

When I started working with Edwin, I prioritised changing my physical and emotional health. I detoxed my environment and body and lost over 20kg relatively quickly. Through Edwin’s coaching, I cleared the emotional stress out of my body. Twelve months later, I kept the new weight I had never been able to. I have learned many invaluable new skills and now live a lifestyle I enjoy. I would highly recommend working with Edwin.

Darren Collins


I have known Edwin personally and professionally for many years now. In my coaching sessions with Edwin, his in-depth knowledge and experience have benefited me greatly in my relationships and those with my patients. I have a much deeper understanding of myself, who I am and what I want. I realised through the sessions that all of the answers were within me. However, with Edwin’s facilitation, these answers were brought to the surface with real clarity. Edwin is such a warm and genuine person, and he created a very safe and trusting environment allowing me to really look within myself, learn and grow. I am deeply grateful for and appreciate everything and highly recommend Edwin as a brilliant coach.

Dr. Alison Meek

Edwin’s approach is truly unique and easy to follow. He taught me how to listen to my body and coached me to overcome anxiety. I made many fantastic new choices. I recommend Edwin to anybody who wants to improve their health and emotional well-being.

Elena Shchuchkina

Project Engineer

Being coached by Edwin has been of great assistance in helping me overcome obstacles that have hindered certain ambitions and goals. Edwin not only used relevant and non-intrusive techniques to assist with particular objectives but also assisted me in achieving a sound understanding of NLP in general so that I can now implement NLP into my daily life and constantly expand the limiting boundaries I previously imposed on myself. I highly recommend coaching Edwin to anyone who wishes to break out of the comfort of mediocrity and begin to realise the infinite extent of their potential.

Rhys Hughes

Business Development Manager

Edwin has led me to profound changes in certain areas of my life. His help was given with integrity and competence. I recommend his services to friends, family, and everyone.

Natasha Norman


I want to say that through my experience as a therapist, he is very good, in this case getting into my unconscious to find out what I couldn’t. I recommend Edwin one hundred per cent, thank you Edwin.

Mariola Arteseros


I found Edwin’s coaching style inspiring and full of energy. It gave me a new insight into identifying the weaknesses holding me back from reaching my career goals and directly gave me information on how to overcome them. I recommend Edwin to anyone who wants to see huge sales changes, over 47%, and I am confident in my abilities to relate to people professionally and personally. My habitual eating habits have changed, and I live much healthier. I understood why I was eating excessively; this is no longer the case, and I love it. Thank you, Edwin; you are a very skilled coach.

Dr. Linda Balazic

I came here with a lot of anxiety towards water a fear from my childhood experience of nearly drowning. After a few sessions, I gained a lot of progress to the point that I was nearly swimming. It was quite amazing. Getting rid of these fears created a different perspective on all aspects of my life. I found other areas that I was struggling with, and Edwin really helped. It was amazing! I really recommend having a session with Edwin.

Catalina Perez

Entrepreneur / Artist

I look and feel much healthier, and my confidence levels have increased significantly. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and set a new path towards substantial achievements. Thank you, Edwin!

Alec Halls


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